A Great Gift Idea
Now you have the perfect gift idea guaranteed to wow that special person. A one-of-a-kind family heirloom that captures an emotion that is unique and special in one’s heart. A touching way to commemorate your favourite animal - a celebration of your special relationship. Perfect for surprise secrecy, birthdays, big celebrations or just because you love them.

How It Works
Mail your photos to Laura and have your favourite pet, person, possession or scene turned into a personal art portrait. Often you don’t have that one perfect photo – the ears are down; the mouth open, this is the perfect pose, but the colour’s off. Simple! Just send other photos where the ears are perfect, the colour just right, the mouth closed, etc. The portrait can be adjusted to your specifications. What ever you want to see, can be done – special backgrounds, bring subjects closer together, correcting and removing undesirable items in the reference photos.

Get Booked Right Away
A deposit of $50.00 reserves your drawing time. As we are usually booked in advance, there is enough time to get your photos together later after reserving your drawing time. When you decide on the type of portrait, gather your photos - the more the better - and mail them in with your order form. Photos are due approximately 1 month before your portrait is to be delivered. Immediately upon receiving photos and order form, Laura will review your reference photos and portrait composition, and consult with you regarding any pertinent details of composition, framing, and shipping arrangements. All photos are kept in good care and returned.

Fully Guaranteed
Portraits are drawn on specialized acid-free pastel paper with the highest quality pencils promising a lifetime of accurate colour. All work is 100% fully guaranteed to your satisfaction.

Gift Certificates Available
Want to give the perfect gift, but can’t decide on what type of portrait they would like. Give a gift certificate and let them choose and compose their own portrait!! See details in the Price and Ordering section..